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Giving Hope at Christmas

In the last few years, the world seems, to most of us, to have
gone mad. There is a major war being fought in Europe, a

major escalation of hostilities in the Middle East and ever-
increasing prices here at home. For us, however, Christmas is

the same as always; we are celebrating the birth of Jesus
Christ. In that respect, this Christmas is exactly like any other.
This has been a challenging year with the worst cost of living
crisis for 50 years. Only if you are able to do so we would ask
that you donate towards the work of the Church at this
special time. Every penny raised will help us, among other
things, to continue and expand our outreach to the local
community and beyond, If you are in a position to contribute
there are three methods you can use:

 1.  Using an envelope that is being delivered to local members
2.  The Church will be open on Saturday 9th December should
you wish to bring a donation in person
3.  It may be easier to make your gift by Internet banking. This
can be done by using these details:
Sort Code: 80-16-84
Account Number: 10207261
Account Name: Kirkcaldy Hope Church
Reference: CA2023+your surname (e.g. CA2023Benson)

(If you wish to donate from a non-UK bank please use a contact form for our international banking details)

This will be a challenging Christmas for all of us however it is
the celebration of the birth of Jesus and we would take this
opportunity to thank you for Giving Hope At Christmas and to
wish you a very Happy Christmas.

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