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Digital Church

Our Church YouTube channel can be accessed on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone by clicking on this link

The channel contains worship services and other streamed content.

You can also access our YouTube Channel if you have a Virgin TV Tivo box. Just follow these steps using your remote control

  1. Press the "HOME" key

  2. Select "SEARCH & DISCOVER" from the menu on the left

  3. Select "YOU TUBE" from the menu on the right

  4. Select the search icon (shaped like a magnifying glass) on the left of the screen

  5. A keyboard will appear and you need to type "TORBAIN CHURCH KIRKCALDY" this is quite a slow process as you have to move around using the arrow keys on your remote and press "OK" after selecting each letter

  6. Once you have done this an option will appear allowing you to select "TORBAIN CHURCH KIRKCALDY"

  7. The Torbain Channel will appear showing the videos available to view

  8. Select the video you wish to view


Next time you use the TV you will not need to complete step 5 as "TORBAIN CHURCH KIRKCALDY" will be available as soon as you select the search icon

Our Church uses ZOOM technology to host events such as Committee Meetings and Bible Studies.

ZOOM allows groups of people to be involved at the same time. It can be installed on a PC, Laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The links below will take you to some guidance videos which can help with download and installation of ZOOM

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